Cross Country Reflection

Hello from San Diego! I am all moved in and working as a resident artist in the graduate studio at San Diego State University through the fall semester. As I begin to design new projects, I am constantly thinking back to my cross country drive. It has been such a journey!

In ten days I travelled from Massachusetts to San Diego. That is pretty much the longest straight line drive one can make while remaining in the US. Over the journey there were so many sights that struck me as beautiful and foreign. I never could imagine how diverse landscapes are! The pictures below show a smattering of what I saw as I travelled.

It's so easy to be inspired by the breathtaking views from some of the national parks I visited. I was lucky enough to camp inside a few of the parks. Sleeping on the rim of a canyon only hundreds of feet from the ridge is an experience I will not soon forget. 

After seeing some of the wildest places this country has to offer, San Diego came as a shock. The city seemed like an alien environment when I first arrived. Cars are king here and the infrastructure of San Diego is built around them. I am slowly becoming acquainted with six lane highways and navigating the seemingly endless on and off ramps here. 

For now I am surviving and excited to begin work on a new body of furniture objects. I will be a resident artist at San Diego State until January, and I hope to have an exhibition of my work created during the residency sometime early 2015. Check back for details on the progress of my work and the exhibition.