New Work: Knox Table

The Knox Table is the result of a continued experiment in flat pack furniture design. This 48 inch dining table is constructed out of two main components; The tabletop, and the legs. The tabletop is a hollow lamination of maple plywood and a poplar grid fame. This lamination allows for a lightweight structure that is close in rigidity to a solid form. The Legs are constructed out of a 10mm corrugated Plastic. By carefully interlocking the plastic pieces, the legs become a durable support for the tabletop.

The main feature of the Knox table is it's efficient flat pack design. To assemble the table, one must first slide the four leg arches together. Once connected these pieces (the ones that pop through the tabletop) will stand freely. Secondly, the user drops the tabletop onto the leg arches popping the center joint through the cutout. Then, the tabletop gets turned ninety degrees, locking the center joint into place (seen below) . Then, the leg facades slide up into the ends of the leg arches and pierce the bottom veneer of the tabletop.  This locks the tabletop in its ninety degree turned position. Lastly the leg facades get pinned into place with small pieces of plastic inserted in-between the tabletop veneers. This system, once assembled, creates a table that can function as a conventional piece of furniture with no worries of loosening or weakening.

The table weighs approximately ten pounds but can easily support the weight of a person. The design seats four, and was inspired by mid-century furniture silhouettes. The plastic used features a custom star triangle pattern that is CNC cut onto the sheet before the individual pieces are cut out.

The final prototype has a few small structural and craft issues, but I plan to refine my design into a later, more polished piece.

For the next few weeks I will be designing and producing work for the 2013 MECA holiday sale. I will have several new pieces to fit a variety of price ranges, and several pieces already featured here will be for sale. More information on the specifics of those pieces and the sale to come shortly!