Chamber Dinner

My work was featured this past Tuesday, September twenty fourth, at the Portland Chamber 159th annual awards dinner. A series of modular corrugated plastic panels were installed at Portland's own State Theatre to create a dramatic backdrop for the night's festivities. Two assemblies twenty feet tall by ten feet wide bookended the State's stage. The panels were designed to be economical, durable, and versatile. They are cut on the CNC router our of industrial corrugated plastic. This material is easily accessed and widely used for shipping purposes. It is extremely strong while remaining lightweight and water resistant. Four panels can be produced each standard four by eight foot sheet of plastic. The panel's design not only provides a dramatic visual effect, but an economical production. The joinery elements are produced out of the negative space leftover from the main panels. This production method yields a very minimal amount of waste material and allows the panels to be produced in a timely manner. The panels are scored by the machine to create a geometric stripe pattern. This process removes only the top veneer of plastic to reveal the inner corrugations. When lit the panels come to life and dramatic highlight of color can be seen through the stripes. They can be stacked and rearranged in a variety of exciting configurations. Their installation applications are endless.

The panels were originally produced in conjunction with Maine College of Art's Artist at work Program. They have been featured at MECA's first annual fashion show, and the institution's 2013 Art Honors awards ceremony. The panels have held up extremely well and will certainly see a future full of widespread installations. I have also applied this same design to a series of functional serving bars. The bars are designed to pack flat and assemble without the need of hand tools. They utilize the plastic for legs and use a more traditional wood table surface. (More on these bars to come).